The PUSH CALL transmitter and the PUSH CALL receiver are part of a wireless network developed for industrial and logistics applications.

The recipient is informed of the current system state by pressing push-buttons of a sender. In the current configuration, three message types
(3 buttons) are supported. The number of keys is expandable (maximum 32). Message types are, for example, pick up goods or carry out repairs. The visualization and the coordination of the processes take place at a central location.

The key operation can also be done automatically. In this case, the PUSH CALL transmitter offers an interface, which is controlled by relay signals (battery operation) and Modbus/CAN bus (PUSH CALL transmitter must be driven by an external power supply).

The user is informed of an event via a web app and via e-mail (also to groups). In addition, the PUSH CALL receiver offers 2 switching outputs.


The PUSH CALL notification system enables secure and fast messaging without investing further in the IT infrastructure, for example, to reduce unnecessary travel time around production or logistics.

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